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We created GIATE – FACILITATION PROVIDER not only so that people have access to critical information about accessibility to an affordable global education but also out of empathy and compassion for people who have the courage to participate in an international and global education and training journey. If you are reading these words it is because you are courageous. So we want to partner with you. Whether you are a learner, an educational or vocational institution representative, a business owner, we will ensure that you receive services that meet international standards. Moreover, we will ensure that your credentials are recognized beyond your country of residence. We will also ensure that those choosing to grow their skills through GIATE are equipped to become entrepreneurs, shape their local economies, and are able to contribute to the global economy.

The following are the added values

that an experience with GIATE generates:

Access to worldwide recognized degree

A significant element of a GIATE experience is the deliverance of accreditations that have a global value. It means that all our partners provide certificate, degree, and apprenticeship certification that have a global recognition.

Enhancement and strengthening of study visa application

Another handicap to global education is the immigration process. To study abroad, learners need to apply for a student visa or study permit. The process not only decides who is going to access global education, but when learners will have access to this type of education. Learners often state in their application their desire to start their global educational experience. We at GIATE believe that by changing the verb to start with the verb to continue, and can prove it, learners will have: First, a significant advantage in the process of obtaining their visa. Second, the process will not determine when the start of their educational experience occurs, because they will have already started.

Quality educational experience

The educational experience we provide is not only based on the quality of the content we provide, but highly on the experience the learners create by solving concrete problems from the concepts they learned. Our goal is to move from educational consumerism to a transformational educational experience. Therefore, we work with global certified educational facilitators to bridge the gap between course content and learner context.

Graduation mobility

By graduation mobility we mean the choice to complete the educational experience in the homeland or in the country of their chosen educational institutions. Our learners will be afforded that choice.

Benefit of a campus-like experience in your country of residence

One of the drawbacks of online learning and virtual learning is the lack of physical interaction. There is a level of interaction that physical campus experiences provide which is not replicable in online forums. For example, when a learner cries or is in a state of Joy no one could give them a physical accolade via the screen. Yes, we have emojis to convey the way we feel, but emojis do not equal a hug, a pad in the back or the magnetic energy generated by physical proximities. All the latter are elements of learning. Many global educational endeavors offer isolated learning experiences because of the lack of campus-like experience.

Our response to the dilemma is called FEREC (Facilitated Educational Resource Center). The FEREC is a physical milieu or setting where the learners come together and receive enriching learning experiences through the help of a Facilitator.

Benefit from a lower cost

One of the barriers to global education and training is the cost, especially for learners in developing countries. Tuition fees in global educational institutions have risen more than 500% in the last 30 years. Many factors have influenced this trend among them the increase in demand, globalization, real estate value and others. The response by higher educational institutions is to raise their fees to meet the demand while maintaining a balance between their revenues and expenditures. Therefore, learners moving from their countries of origin to further their education and training abroad will be expected to pay high tuition fees, as well as the cost of living.

 Our solution to this cost-related barrier is to, first, reduce the cost of living by allowing learners to start their global education journey in their country of origin. In addition, all the auxiliary fees to tuition will be waived. Consequently, learners and their families will make substantial savings accounting to close to 50 % of the normal international student cost.

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