Our partnership with Trinity Western University (TWU) in Canada have allowed us to access three outstanding programs.

  • The Global Express Pathway
  • The Graduate Express Pathway
  • The Certificate in Adult Education Coaching and Facilitation.

1. The Global Express Pathway (GXP) 

provides learners with the possibility of completing the major basic requirements and some electives for all university undergraduate degree programs offered by TWU. It consists of 61 semester hours completed in 16 months prior students arriving in Canada.  The GXP is delivered in the learners home country in a blended format (online access combined with face-to-face). Learners will benefit a $350 per credit hour which is less than the $ 750 they would have paid if they had started in Canada. Students also have the opportunity of receiving around $5000 scholarship providing they maintain a certain high academic achievement standards. Start your application here.

3. The Certificate in Adults Learning, Coaching and Facilitation

provides learners with skills and competencies to become a global academic coach and facilitator. The certificate will allow learners to be employed in every setting where academic facilitation and coaching is needed. The certificate is a 6 months program that includes a practicum and leads to an acceptance into the Master in Leadership program.  The program accounts to a 15 credit hours for a total cost of $ 7500 approximately. Start your Application here.

2. The Graduate Express Pathway(GEP)

provides learners from countries with a three years undergraduate university degree system the opportunity to complete in their country the fourth year required by all universities in North America. This is also a requirement to access any graduate level program by universities in North America. The GEP is a fourth months program of 6 courses accounting to 16 semesters hours. The GEP leads to an acceptance into the Master in Leadership Program offered by TWU in Canada with concentration in either business, healthcare, or education.  Learners will pay $ 350 per credit hour. The Master in Leadership program offers scholarships and bursaries for eligible students. Start your Application here.